Pooch Snoozer’s have a  three-component design that utilizes a  “green” recycled stuffing bag and a water-resistant system that prevents soiling and bacteria permeation. Still maintaining a life-time of durability, thanks to the upholstery-grade materials used for our exquisite covers. All components washable together or separately.


A quick breakdown of our three component system:


Woven Stuffing Bag:

  • Recycled, Hypo-allergenic stuffing encased in a non woven, lightweight breathable fabric.
  • The recycled stuffing is environmentally friendly, using plastic bottles that would usually otherwise end up in our Oceans and landfills. Pooch Snoozer saves  from 15 to 40 bottles per bed from going into our oceans and land fills!!
  • Complete with zipper to easily add more stuffing or take it out if your furry friend prefers less.


Waterproof Stuffing Cover:

  • Shields the stuffing bag from getting soiled  and protects the stuffing from moisture which produces unwanted odor and/or bacteria.
  • Supplex cover is dual purpose too as it can also be used without the Upholstery-grade cover in Hot weather to provide a cool landing pad for your furry friend!
  • Withstands harsh outdoor conditions if your furry friend would rather be outside.
  • Water-Proof, zip-off removable cover for easy cleaning.


Upholstery- Grade Outer Component with complete customization

  • High grade material that resists tears and withstands years of use without degradation.
  • Aesthetically appealing enhancing the decor of your hotel rooms.
  • Matching piping for exquisite quality and to strengthening seams.
  • Reinforced zippers to ensure long lasting quality.


Size Dimensions
Small 15x21x5"
Large 27x39x5"
XLarge 31x45x7"
Pet Superstore Bed Pooch Snoozer Bed
Average Cost of Pet Superstore Bed $55
Average Replacements Purchased Per Year
3 0
Total Cost Per Year $160 One-time purchase of $170.00
Total Cost over five year span $825 $170

Over five years you can expect to save more than $600 on dog beds- all of those savings!!

Pooch Snoozer vs. Our Competitors

We’d like to briefly touch on what makes our dog beds better than the competition’s:

Our Dog Beds:

  • Three component water resistant design complete with durable upholstery grade outer casing.
  • Reversed zippers to won’t tempt bad chewing habits that destroy beds and injure the dog’s mouth.
  • Stuffing is made from recycled plastic water bottles, completely biodegradable and green for the environment.
  • A lifetime warranty on both interior components.
  • Guarantee that your dog(s) will love them.
  • Wash ability/ Durability. They last for years and years!
  • Side gussets and matching piping on all seams for substantial height and strength
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Their Dog Beds:

  • One outer casing, composed of absorbent cotton or hemp or porous fabrics
  • No zippers for access to inner stuffing.
  • Not water resistant, prone to being easily soiled and breeding bacteria.
  • Stuffing is either cedar which absolves odors or non-biodegradable or non hypoallergenic. Harmful to the environment.
  • No free replacements parts – they charge for any additional stuffings and other components.
  • They don’t have supplex water-proof cover.
  • Go ahead and wash it- see what happens. (Hint: it gets obliterated)
  • Stuffing bag not encased so that washing is a mess with stuffing everywhere!

Customize your bed to suit you and your furry friend(s)!

No two dogs are the same, this is most certainly a fact. Each of our furry companions has their own personality and traits unique to them. Pooch Snoozer happily offers a wealth of options to customize your dog’s bed to make them one-of-a-kind. We offer options for custom embroidered names and logos. All pet beds have side gussets that provide ample comfort and matching piping to enhance the quality and makes seams more durable.  These together with the nearly endless combination of fabrics makes for a bed your dozing pooch will love for years to come.


A dog bed for a worry-free lifestyle

Many things in life are complicated – work, school, bills, etc. – one thing that shouldn’t be complicated is your dog’s sleeping situation. If you’re like most dog owners you have gone through many dog beds, you’ve acknowledged that you will likely continue to do the same in the future. Perhaps you tell yourself that it is just part of being a pet owner. You’ve made countless trips to your local Pet Superstore and purchased innumerable dog beds which have met their ends though soiling, chewing, laundering or whatever other destructive act your best canine friend has committed. It doesn’t have to be this way!


For Dog Lovers, By Dog Lovers

Based in beautiful Golden, CO, Pooch Snooze Pet Bed Company was founded by Lisa Mattingly, an avid animal lovers for animal and has been in business more than 14 years. We provide exquisite, high quality dog beds to many of the finest 4 and 5 star hotel chains and resorts in the world as well as individual dog owners from every corner of the country. Our goal at Pooch Snoozer is to provide you with the best dog bed that money can buy at a price that anyone can afford – and we back our product with a lifetime warranty. Our design and upholstery grade materials make for a dog bed that will last and will provide your dog with many years of comfort.


When we set out to make the perfect dog bed, we considered multiple factors: wash-ability, durability and functionality all of these attributes also had to come in an aesthetically pleasing package. We aimed to deliver a pet bed that would enhance any hotel lobby or room and home and truly provide a lifetime of comfort for your snoozing pooch for years to come.



Exquisite comfort for life!!



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* Ask about our Custom feeding Mats, Bandanas and Ceramic Bowls with Your Logo!!


I have the Pooch Snoozer round bed, my puppy and I just love it. She is only four months old, so having a bed with a washable cover is a must. The water proof liner is amazing against accidents. Plus it’s durable enough to hold up to those sharp little puppy teeth.


Lyndsey L.


Please see our “Lady” on her new throne! Our thanks for a job “well done”!


Si & Kendra G.


I got a very cute blue dog bed for my medium sized dog. I have two dogs and they both just love this bed. I find at any time of the day, one of them is laying on it. Sometimes they even fight over it. I’m really happy with how much they both enjoy it! I also like how easy it is to separate all the pieces in order to wash it.



Annie P.


This Pooch Snoozer has been a popular part of our pack for more than 4 years! No other bed has ever lasted half that long. Thanks!!!


LeeAnn S.


We have 2 Golden Retrievers and 2 custom beds. We have had them for over a year and we love them. So easy to clean and of course the dogs enjoy them each and every day. Thanks for a great product!!!



Pooch Snoozer

Exquisite Comfort for Life

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