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AKC Dogs

A rested dog is a happy dog…

…we all know how important sleep is- your dog does too.

Show Dogs

Performance anxiety isn’t just for humans: bright lights, large groups of onlookers and intense pressure is the life of a show dog. It is important however not to forget that they are dogs when the day comes to an end and they enjoy playing, walks and long naps just as much as any other pooch does. So, why should you buy a Pooch Snoozer for your purebred? It’s simple really: Comfort, Quality and Cleanliness. Pooch Snoozer dog beds offer unparalleled comfort because they are designed specifically with your dog in mind. We take great pride in our product and use quality upholstery grade materials to make sure your investment is one that endures. Last, but certainly not something to be forgotten is the cleanliness that our unique design offers- a water resistant stuffing and a removable, washable exterior so that you can keep your dog’s bed clean and smelling fresh.


The life of a dog breeder is a unique one to say the least. Hectic at times but certainly rewarding, especially when you see a pup go to a promising home. As former breeders ourselves we understand the need for a quality dog bed- one that can provide exceptional comfort to a stud or a secure place for a dam and her pups. No matter what size or breed of dog you have in your kennel we have a dog bed that suits your need and you can sleep soundly knowing that it is protected by a lifetime warranty.

Crate Liners

We offer custom designed crate liners for dogs on the go!

Small Medium Large X-Large
Brain Wave/Corduroy (or mix of both) $15.50 $28.00 $37.00 $70.00
Cotton Sheeting (Solid or Print) $10.00 $18.00 $25.00 $52.00
1/2 Brain Wave/Corduroy & 1/2  Cotton Sheeting $13.00 $23.00 $30.00 $60.00
Custom Call for pricing!

To order your crate liner please contact us at 303-526-0278!

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